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Membership Benefits

The Oxford and Cambridge Society of India is an alumni organisation and the main benefits of membership are to belong to the fellowship and community that the Society provides.
The main objects of the Society include:
  • To bring together and promote fellowship amongst those who are/were connected with the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge with a view to providing unity of action in the common cause of the promotion of education and learning
  • To promote and diffuse useful knowledge and advancement of education and learning
  • To undertake, organise and facilitate conferences, seminars, lectures and research in matters relating to different cultural patterns of international society
  • To arrange meetings, discussions, seminars, exhibitions, displays, concerts, films, sports and other cultural and social get-together programmes
  • To issue appeals and applications or otherwise solicit funds in furtherance of the said objects

Update Details

Membership Details

In spite of our best efforts to keep our database updated, we sometimes have errors or mistakes in our contact list. We understand that some members may not be receiving communications from the Society. This must, of course, be addressed with the greatest urgency.
Please find a link below to a Communications Update Form. Please do fill it up and either email it to us or post it on the address given in the form. This will enable us to ensure that our communications do get to you.