The Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarships are part-cost awards for undergraduate, second undergraduate, graduate study and research in any subject available at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, UK.

The Oxford and Cambridge Society of India (OCSI) is a not-for-profit alumni organisation based in New Delhi, India. The scholarships offered by OCSI are Equal Opportunity, i.e. the decisions made in awarding these scholarships are not based on race, colour, religion, disability, age (except for maximum age criterion), sex or ancestry. Close family members of the Executive Committee of the Oxford and Cambridge Society of India are not eligible for consideration for these scholarships.

These scholarships were instituted by the Society over fifty years ago. Originally established as a purely social network of the Oxford and Cambridge alumni in Delhi, the Society transitioned into a more academic and educational support network in the 1960s, while continuing with its major role as an alumni body. Initially, the scholarships were a peripheral activity, but these soon became the most important aspect of the working of the society, which itself moved from a Delhi-base to an all-India role through the scholarships.

The universities of Oxford and Cambridge have been favoured destinations for Indian students for many years. However, in recent years, the increasing cost of a British university education and the greater competition for the few scholarships available has meant that fewer and fewer Indian students are able to take up places at Oxford and Cambridge. The Oxford and Cambridge Society of India has been offering scholarships every year, but these are dependent on the annual generosity of a few donors.

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The Oxford and Cambridge Society of India shall award scholarships for 2021-22 from the OCSI K.K. Luthra Memorial Scholarship and the OCSI Anita Banerji Memorial Scholarship and from other grants that are or may become available.

The scholarship process for 2021 is now complete. For 2022, please check back in February, 2022 the application forms and other details.

The guidelines for the OCSI Scholarships 2021 can be accessed here
The application form for the OCSI Scholarships 2021 can be found here